Sunday, 12 April 2015

Villa or townhouse?

Whether to buy a townhouse or a villa will completely depend on budget and personal preferences. Townhouses and villas are totally different types of housing options with a few similarities. A townhouse is typically a terraced residential building where one house shares a common wall with another and there is no space between two buildings on the sides while as a villa is more independent and is built typically in the middle of the plot. Townhouses are typically considered an affordable option compared to villas can be a viable option than living in an apartment if you are looking for more privacy than apartments have to offer.

In Dubai there a couple of good option where you can buy or rent a townhouse. Jumeirah village Circle or JVC is a good viable option that offers well planned villas and townhouses built on classic Arabian and Mediterranean architecture styles. This is an ideal community for people looking for convenience in terms of location and accessibility, this community is well connected with major roads of Dubai which makes it easy for residents to reach anywhere in Dubai in just a matter of minutes. Once fully completed JVC will have 5 entry and exit points that will make it even more convenient for residents to choose their route to the destination for quicker access. JVC is a self contained community that provides its inhabitants amenities within the community such as restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, swimming pool, and children’s play areas. A huge shopping mall consisting of a cinema, hypermarkets and many branded retail stores is a part of the plan. The townhouses in JVC come in different sizes and floor plans suiting different budgets and family sizes. JVC is fast gaining popularity among people who want to buy or rent a townhouse in a community that is affordable, and provides good facilities and amenities while being located in a convenient location.

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