Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Forte Twin Towers in Opera District, Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is all set to launch the Forte Towers in Opera District which is a clear indication that the recent slowdown in prices is not a slump but just a market correction that will be beneficial for the property market in the long run.
The Forte is a twin tower development which will be launched on May-30-2015. The Forte is located in Opera District of Downtown Dubai and is the first residential tower in this development. The Opera District is a spectacular development of Arts and Culture and living within this area is a unique experience.
The Opera District will feature luxury hotels, a retail plaza, waterfront promenades, park, and space for recreational activities. The Dubai Opera in the Opera District will have a seating capacity to accommodate 2000 people at a time and is envisaged to become a global destination for performing Arts.
Dubai Opera is designed like a traditional sailing vessel of the Arabian Gulf. The ‘bow’ of the structure will be the main stage, orchestra and seating areas, and the Sky garden and restaurants. The hull will have the waiting areas, taxi-drop off area, and parking.

Downtown Dubai is already the most vibrant and the most visited area in Dubai. This community is a host to many local and international events some of them being the very large scale events. Large-scale events like New Year’s Eve celebrations; The UAE National Day Parade; and the Dubai Festival of Lights. Downtown Dubai is home to the prestigious Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall, the two record breaking structures for being the tallest building and the largest shopping mall. Downtown Dubai attracts millions of visitors every year and happens to be the most promising mixed use development in Dubai. Downtown Dubai is on top of the list of visitors who come to this amazing city every year. 

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