Saturday, 2 January 2016

Technology is changing Real Estate Industry

Technology has had its impact on every industry in the world, from manufacturing to banking and to professional services; technology has changed the way we work. Since the first ever computer entered into a commercial establishments, it has only changed its size to being much more compact powerful, friendly and helpful in making the most difficult work easy and faster without much human intervention.
The impact of technology can also be seen in the real estate sector including brokerages and agencies. After internet became domestic and easily accessible people started searching for homes to buy and rent on their computers and this would give them a fair idea about the property's interior, location and size, high resolution images can show exactly how the property looks from inside and video tours can give you a 360 degree view of the property , thus saving time on viewings and short listing only properties that look interesting after browsing them on the brokers website and property portals.
Internet, computers, smart phones and tablets have changed how real estate is being delivered to the end user. Brokers and agents now manage more properties and have a wider audience than before. Using a C.R.M helps real estate Brokers to add and manage their property listings on the fly and they can make changes to them from anywhere at any time. Interacting with the clients became easier and money saving as agents use chat applications and internet calls with clients thus saving cost and sharing more information about properties and the processes. Technology also gives real estate agents, real estate brokers and real estate companies to create a good reputation through reviews and ratings on directories s and other website to show the appreciation publicly.

Technology is never going to stop improving and will continue its impact on every industry, the use of drones in real estate can make possible to take images and videos of skyscraper buildings from an aerial view which is not otherwise possible. Most of the new property portals and websites of brokers and agents have a mobile friendly version which clients and end users can browse on their smart phones and decide whether the next step will be to physically visit and view the property this will save time for both the agent and the client and improve productivity for the real estate industry. Technology changed the way we do business and is extending the value of real estate agents and brokerages.

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