Monday, 19 January 2015

Dubai Real Estate in 2015

The Dubai Real Estate market is being speculated to be stable in 2015 as both sales and rental prices are on a straight line in Q4 -2014.
As per the reports done by leading firms the prices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi didn't show any rise in the last quarter of the previous year. Both Apartment and Villa prices are currently stagnant as this seems to the result of the Land Departments efforts to stabilize the market. Overall it was a good year for Dubai's Property market as apartment prices rose up to 23 percent compared to previous years.
In 2015 there are an expected 25,000 new residential units to be released and this is expected to keep the market stable and the new units will be soon absorbed as the economy is growing, it is giving rise to creation of new jobs hence resulting in more influx to the country. Experts believe the current slowdown will help stabilize the market and with EXPO 2020 a few years ahead it is going to have a positive impact on the economy and the benefited industries will be Real Estate, Hospitality and Logistics.

Dubai has announced some Mega projects which will be in focus in the coming years and are expected to strengthen Dubai name among the top Real Estate markets.

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