Wednesday, 7 January 2015

What Dubai has in store?

Dubai after making its mark in the Real Estate Sector with some mega projects is eager to go further beyond and create some real engineering marvels. Turning the impossible to possible with projects like the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Palm Jumeirah there are more surprising projects underway in the coming years. What is in store is really impressive and is going to draw huge crowds to see these engineering marvels.
Mall of the world is one of the mega projects on the cards, this is going to a mammoth construction and is going to cost AED 25 Billion to cover 48 Million Sq.Ft with the world's largest shopping mall extended with a retail street network, this will be bigger than the Dubai Mall which is currently the largest mall in the world, the project will also have the largest indoor park, 100 hotels, apartments and  a lot more. This is a city within a city and is expected to host around 180 Million visitors a year once completed.
Another amazing project underway is the Bollywood theme park; this is going to be an exciting development for Hindi movie lovers as the brilliance of Indian cinema will be recreated in Dubai as a theme park. The project will be located near Jabel Ali and will cover a total area of 3 Million Sq.Ft, the park will be divided in 5 area all themed on different blockbuster Bollywood movies. This will be done in partnership with Mumbai's major film studio. Bollywood celebrities have shown a lot of excitement for this project and are looking forward to its completion.

The Heart of Europe is another magnificent project underway on the World Island; this amazing development will span 6 islands and will feature some best hotels, Villas and malls. The development will showcase European architecture and will capture the charm of Europe right here in Dubai. Adding to the magnificence there will be snow lined streets, rain and climate controlled plazas.

Dubai Frame is probably going to the first of its kind structure in the world, this mega frame looks like a window and will be showcasing Dubai's journey through the years. Located near the gate of Zabeel Park it will have a strategic location close to traditional districts of Dubai.

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